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    Welcome to Only in Wonderland, my personal website. I'm Gemma, an award winning photographer at Iris Creations Photography. I am a lover of anything floral, music, knitting, reading and a history geek (specifically the 'War of the Roses' and Tudor eras). I'm often called "Odd and Random" and I'm totally fine with this...

    This website is a place to post all things me. Photos (some from my trusty, always with me iphone!) stories, personal projects, adventures. Basically anything. I hope you enjoy :)

    Image of Alex & Gemma by Amanda Keeys

Recent scenes & ramblings

I had grand plans since moving to the farm to take lots of photos.  But I’ll be honest, it’s been freezing.  And quite wet.  Which makes such photos difficult.  We are starting to get some nicer (although still cold) weather so hopefully my photo taking mojo will return.  I’m knitting a lot, but again the photo taking of such isn’t really happening much either.  Except on Instagram.  There’s more photos happening on my phone 😉 You can see them HERE.

A week or so ago it was so cold that there was snow falling to 600 metres.  Which meant the not so far away Mount Macedon might have had snow.  Unfortunately by the time we go there after school, there was no actual snow.  Although a few flakes fell on the car.  And the boys found some left over ice.  They were happy.  The drive up the mountain (the back way) is quite eeriely beautiful.  The mountain was covered in cloud.  It’s just beautiful.

A few Monday’s ago the family had the sad task of saying goodbye to Rosie.  Rosie had suffered a foot injury which was causing her a lot of pain.  With cortisone not helping, the very difficult decision was made to relieve her suffering before it got worse.  My boys were already quite taken with Rosie, and often asking if they could help feed her.  We were up early with the sunrise to take some photos of Elysia with her beloved horse.   The weather was extremely kind to us with an amazing sunrise which just added to the emotion of taking the below images.  RIP Rosie xx

Little Miss’s hair is growing so fast, we are now having to tackle her with hair clips so it doesn’t fall in her face!  She’s had a very mild cold lately which means we are quite grubby all the time, fighting me when I come near her with a tissue!

One of this weeks knitting “FO” (finished object) A pair of pants (based on the Picky Pants pattern by Theresa Belville, on Mosaic Moon’s Pictish Aran in the colourway “colibri” (the cuffs in Dryad Bulky “incantation”.  Must admit I loath knitting in bulky yarn.  I’m so uncoordinated with it!)

So much has changed with us.  We’ve moved to the country… We are living in a very small space (it’s really not that small, but moving from a standard sized house it’s been a big change), the boys have started at a new school, Ash was recently diagnosed with labels which we knew were coming but are helping us help him, the boys now travel over 25 minutes to get to school, and 25 minutes home.  To buy milk, we are 18 minutes away from getting such.  A big change from what we were used to.  ME not driving, and always living walking distance to the essentials we needed.   Or thought we needed. Now, while I’m still not a driver,we have to plan ahead.  A month ago I could put bub in a pram and be home within minutes with milk.  There was a chemist, a bottle shop, a coffee shop.  But not having that around the corner, and thinking ahead, and seriously working out what’s important has taught us a lot of things.  That with a little planning we really do have everything we need.  And what that thing is, to slow down, and take everything in.  I’ve always felt I was time poor.  I do still think I am.  I have a 13 month old who out of my three children has been the most demanding. I have a child with ASD, and a child who just goes with the flow so much so that I have to stop myself sometimes.  He’s pretty much the same height as his Mungy Eggs, (Aunty Megs!) basically a pre-teenager.  And he’s a beautiful child who is missing his best friend and the social network he’d built up back in Point Cook.

I have a business.  Which somehow with the debilitating pregnancy and all that followed I’ve practically neglected.  I have plans for the business.  We bought land.  We are going to build a house.  And with that house will come my business’s first real studio.  And it’s all going to be pretty epic……

But within the last 24 months, there has been certain things/situations that have left me feeling very not myself.  A certain situation happened and i’ve lost all confidence in who I thought I was.  In the this process, I’ve discovered a lot about myself, and what is really important.  WHO is important.  Obviously my family came first.  But this is a given… Isn’t it?  FAMILY comes first, and as crazy as it sounds was my undoing.  Putting my family first above all others, has lead me to realise that sometimes the people we surround ourselves with are not the people we should.  And more importantly that I’ve spent way too much time focusing on them and not what really matters.  Well that changed a while ago, but I think it will be a long process to really be over.

So after that little cryptic essay, here’s some scenes from recently… and hopefully I get into the flow of sharing images when they are actually taken, and not weeks after!

Talking to the cows…

August 31, 2016 - 2:28 pm

Chia - Beautiful post! The farm is so lovely, I look forward to scrolling through my instagram and finding them. So sorry you had to go through a rough patch – growing pains, I suppose xx

Peek a Boo!

I wanted to share some images I took in my studio of Missy Moo, but OMG I’ve taken so many I don’t know where to start.  So yes I still haven’t even finished editing her newborn photos but oh well.  Actually lately I’m not taking as many “formal” images of her in studio as I once did, because although she is “mummy, mummy, mummy” all the time.  If I put her in the studio and pick up a camera, she doesn’t want to know me!!  But occasionally she does.  And this was one time.  So I got her all prepped for her monthly photo shoot (which I wont be sharing until she’s 1, (which I cannot believe is so soon!) and these images happened.  As it’s been getting colder, on our daily walks I put a blanket over her legs and try to wrap it around her to keep her warm, but she instantly starts to play “peek a boo”.  So I was thrilled when she started to do it here!  So here’s Miss Arlette playing peek a boo with you 🙂

Exciting news & recent happenings

As I said on Instagram…. my favourite people…. in my new favourite place.  A block of dirt…. BUT……..

IT’S OUR DIRT!!!  We bought land!!!  OMG!  so exciting… And now, we are packing up our house, and putting most of our belongings into storage.  We are moving into Alex’s family farm, and building a house!!  I honestly didn’t think I’d EVER be a homeowner.  And well, currently I’m not.  But we own dirt!!!  1934 square metres of it!  In a place called “Hidden Valley” which is on the northern side of Melbourne.  Not far from the town of Kilmore.  It’s an old Stud Farm (I believe) that’s being sold off in really large blocks.  The smallest is 1300m, and some as big as 4 acres.  What we are really excited about is there is a clause in the contract for everyone that you cannot subdivide the land for 99 years.  So it wont become another typical housing estate.  It will keep it’s “mini farm” feel.  We wont have neighbours right on top of us, and will have room to have chickens, and vege patches, and fruit trees, and I’m hoping to really grow my own mini fields of flowers.  So that’s all very exciting.

So to other ramblings.  I am still about 10 months behind on editing images of Arlette.  I don’t think I’ll ever get caught up.  And to be honest it’s the reason I haven’t blogged much.  I feel I’m “behind”.  But I think I need to get over it and just pick up from now and go with it.  When I ever get around to editing the photos I’ve taken of her I’ll postdate the entries.  Maybe add an image or two to the ongoing posts.  Who knows.  Anyway.  so I finally finished the gift wrap romper I was making for Arlette, with the move to the farm in mind, and the fact it’s getting stupid cold now.  And the farm is colder than Melbourne!  I took this image on an ottoman of Alex’s sister, who’s in England.  I’m totally in love with it, so there will probably be more images of knitting taken on it!

So in other knitting, I wiped up a beanie for Alex in Mosaic Moon’s “Allons-y” colourway.   Because well, Alex is a Whovian Geek, and it’s was an essential colourway.  Honestly it’s the problem I have with Mosaic Moon.  I’m too sentimental and have to own the colourways based on my favorite things.  Second up is a Riven Jacket for Arlette.  In the Morrigan colourway that I bought off Amanda.  It’s trimmed in a plum, because I ordered the wrong weight yarn intended for the jacket, but I’ve decided I actually prefer the plum.  It’s been on hold for a few weeks while I waited for new needle tips as I somehow lost my 4mm!

And for something pretty, I thought I’d end this post with some images I took a week ago when we were visiting the farm, with the intention of helping fix up the flat for when we move in.  Unfortunately I wasn’t any help whatsoever, as I’m suffering from de quervain’s tenosynovitis, which is really painful!  I’m currently in a splint for my wrist which is helping a bit.  Thankfully I can still knit.  Or I’d be lost!  So here’s some raindrops and roses.  x

Mother’s Day in Malmsbury

I haven’t spent a full mother’s day with the boys in a few years.  It always falls on the week the boys are with their dad and I don’t like cutting into their time.  Except this year, with Arlette’s first mother’s day, I decided it was time to be selfish!  We teamed up with Renee and the kids and ‘caravan of love’d it to Malmsbury.  It was a wonderful weekend.  The kids spent most of the time in the big tree, and Arlette spent most of her time eating while donning her new “Geronimo Pants”.  I knit these from Mosaic Moon’s Juniper Aran in the colourway “Geronimo”.  Got to love some nerdy inspired yarn!!  Of course I had to knit a bow tie to go with it, but as a headband to be more girly.  She didn’t seem to like it, thankfully Aunty Nee distracted her with the stone bird and she forgot all about the headband!

But the highlight was certainly the bonfire… of course 😉